Application strategies of resting heart rate for monitoring training load intensity in football players


  • Katherine Ning li Associate Professor, Institute of Sports science, Xi’an Physical Education University, China
  • Zhiyuan Tan University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, 1000 Belgrade, Serbia



Resting heart rate, as a vital physiological indicator, holds significant potential in monitoring the training load intensity of football players. This paper systematically explores the concept, role, and application of resting heart rate in football player training. Firstly, it elucidates the concept and role of resting heart rate, including its indication of health status and training adaptation. Secondly, it discusses the importance of resting heart rate in evaluating the training load intensity of football players and proposes corresponding practical application methods. Lastly, it offers some suggestions to facilitate the effective utilization of resting heart rate in football player training. By following these recommendations, coaches and athletes can effectively utilize resting heart rate to optimize training programs for football players, improving their performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Keywords:  Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Football Players, Training Load, Medical Supervision.