Sustainable procurement in the oil and gas industry: Challenges, Innovations, and Future Directions


  • David Chinalu Anaba Independent Researcher, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Azeez Jason Kess-Momoh Ama Zuma Oil & Gas , Lagos, Nigeria
  • Sodrudeen Abolore Ayodeji Matrix Limited Energy, Lagos, Nigeria



Sustainable procurement has emerged as a critical oil and gas strategy amidst increasing global concerns over environmental impact and societal expectations. This paper explores the challenges, innovations, and future directions of sustainable procurement practices within the sector. Key challenges include economic feasibility, environmental impact mitigation, social responsibility, and navigating complex regulatory landscapes. Innovations such as technological advancements, process improvements, material innovations, and collaborative efforts are pivotal in overcoming these challenges and advancing sustainability goals. Case studies from leading companies demonstrate the successful implementation of sustainable procurement strategies, highlighting best practices and benchmarks for industry standards. Emerging trends include adopting circular economy principles, supply chain transparency, and integration of sustainability metrics in supplier evaluations. Benchmarking against global standards facilitates continuous improvement and accountability, ensuring alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria. Policy recommendations emphasize the need for regulatory enhancements and international cooperation to incentivize sustainable practices and harmonize standards across jurisdictions. A strategic framework for sustainable procurement is proposed, encompassing goal-setting, stakeholder engagement, innovation, and continuous improvement. Future research should focus on lifecycle analysis, circular economy solutions, social impact assessments, technological innovations, and policy effectiveness to address existing gaps and drive sustainable procurement innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Keywords:  Sustainable Procurement, Oil And Gas Industry, Challenges, Innovations, Future Directions.