Strategic management and market analysis in business and agriculture: A comparative study


  • Eyitayo Raji Independent Researcher, Chicago, USA
  • Tochukwu Ignatius Ijomah Independent Researcher, Australia
  • Osemeike Gloria Eyieyien FDM, UK



This comparative study explores the business and agricultural sector's strategic management practices and market analysis models. It highlights the similarities and differences in how these two sectors approach strategic planning, competitive advantage, and market dynamics. Businesses typically focus on leveraging financial and technological resources and understanding consumer behaviour. At the same time, agriculture emphasizes natural resource management and environmental factors. Both sectors benefit from effective strategic planning and market analysis, improving performance and sustainability. However, they also face unique challenges, such as technological changes, market volatility, and opportunities through innovation and sustainable practices. The study underscores the importance of cross-sector learning. It suggests future research directions to deepen the understanding of strategic management across diverse industries.

Keywords:  Strategic Management, Market Analysis, Business Sector, Agricultural Sector, Sustainability Practices.