The role of sub-branch managers in enhancing customer engagement in the telecommunications sector


  • Jumai Adama Buinwi Independent Researcher, Douala, Cameroon
  • Chinenye Gbemisola Okatta Independent Researcher, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, USA
  • Ebunoluwa Johnson Independent Researcher, Johannesburg, South Africa



This study delves into the essential role of sub-branch managers in enhancing customer engagement within the telecommunications sector, a field marked by intense competition and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Employing a comprehensive literature review methodology, this research examines the multifaceted responsibilities of sub-branch managers, focusing on their impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall organizational performance. Key findings reveal that sub-branch managers significantly influence customer engagement through the implementation of customer-centric strategies, effective internal communication, and the use of advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Leadership styles such as transformational and servant leadership emerged as particularly effective in fostering a motivated workforce and enhancing customer interactions. The study also highlights the critical role of internal marketing and continuous improvement in maintaining high service standards and aligning organizational processes with customer needs. The study concludes that sub-branch managers are pivotal to the success of customer engagement initiatives in the telecommunications sector. Their ability to adapt to changing market conditions and proactively address customer feedback is crucial for sustaining customer loyalty and achieving business growth. Consequently, the study recommends telecommunications companies invest in leadership training and development programs for sub-branch managers, alongside the adoption of advanced CRM technologies and a culture of continuous improvement. These measures are essential for empowering sub-branch managers to drive customer engagement and secure a competitive advantage in a dynamic market.

Keywords:  Customer Engagement, Sub-Branch Managers, Telecommunications, Leadership, Customer Relationship Management, Internal Marketing.