The influence of consumer behavior on sustainable marketing efforts


  • Kikelomo Fadilat Anjorin University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA
  • Mustafa Ayobami Raji Independent Researcher, Texas, USA
  • Hameedat Bukola Olodo Department of Business Administration, Al-Hikmah University, Nigeria
  • Oluwaseun Peter Oyeyemi British American Tobacco, Nigeria



This concept paper explores the dynamic relationship between consumer behavior and sustainable marketing efforts. As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental and social responsibility, businesses are adapting their marketing strategies to meet these evolving demands. The paper provides insights into the influence of consumer attitudes, beliefs, and values on sustainable purchasing decisions, highlighting the growing market for environmentally friendly products and the importance of transparent communication about sustainability efforts. Through a review of existing literature, the paper identifies key trends, challenges, and opportunities for businesses seeking to align their marketing strategies with sustainability goals. It proposes a model for understanding the influence of consumer behavior on sustainable marketing efforts, emphasizing the role of marketing strategies in shaping consumer perceptions of sustainability and influencing purchasing behavior. While businesses face challenges such as the high cost of sustainable production and the complexity of supply chains, the paper also highlights opportunities to differentiate themselves in the market and build stronger relationships with environmentally conscious consumers. By understanding consumer preferences and values, businesses can develop marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience and drive positive change. In conclusion, consumer behavior has a significant impact on sustainable marketing efforts, and businesses must adapt their strategies to meet the demands of an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious consumer base. The paper provides a foundation for further research and offers practical insights for businesses looking to integrate sustainability into their marketing strategies and achieve long-term success in a rapidly changing market landscape..

Keywords:  Consumer Behavior, Sustainability, Marketing.