The influence of social media marketing on consumer behavior in the retail industry: A comprehensive review


  • Kikelomo Fadilat Anjorin University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA
  • Mustafa Ayobami Raji Independent Researcher, Texas, USA
  • Hameedat Bukola Olodo Department of Business Administration, Al-Hikmah University, Nigeria



The pervasive impact of social media marketing on consumer behavior within the retail industry serves as the focal point of this comprehensive review. This paper aims to dissect the intricate relationship between social media marketing initiatives and their effects on consumer purchasing patterns, brand loyalty, and engagement. By collating and examining a broad spectrum of literature, including empirical studies, theoretical frameworks, and case analyses, this review endeavors to provide a holistic understanding of how social media platforms are reshaping consumer interactions with retail brands. Without adopting a primary research methodology, this review critically analyzes existing research findings to identify prevailing trends, effective strategies, and the resultant consumer responses to social media marketing in the retail context. The analysis delves into the mechanisms through which social media influences consumer perceptions, engagement practices, and ultimately, purchasing decisions. It highlights the transformative power of social media in marketing, emphasizing the shift towards more interactive, personalized, and consumer-driven communication strategies. Key insights reveal that social media marketing exerts a profound influence on consumer behavior, mediated by factors such as content authenticity, the extent of consumer engagement, and the strategic use of influencers and user-generated content. These elements are shown to enhance brand visibility, strengthen consumer-brand relationships, and influence purchasing behavior. The paper posits that social media marketing represents a critical element in the contemporary retail marketing mix, with significant implications for consumer behaviour. Retailers must leverage innovative social media strategies to engage consumers effectively. The review also suggests avenues for future research, particularly in the context of evolving social media trends and their impact on consumer behavior. This synthesis aims to equip practitioners and scholars with a nuanced understanding of the role of social media marketing in shaping consumer dynamics within the retail sector.

Keywords:  Social Media Marketing, Consumer Engagement, Brand Awareness, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Personalization, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).