Sustainable architecture: Envisioning self-sustaining buildings for the future


  • Azubuike Chukwudi Okwandu Arkifill Resources Limited, Portharcourt, Rivers State Nigeria
  • Dorcas Oluwajuwonlo Akande Principal Civil Engineer, Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA), Lagos State Government, Alausa Secretariat , Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Zamathula Queen Sikhakhane Nwokediegwu Independent Researcher, Durban, South Africa



Sustainable Architecture: Envisioning Self-Sustaining Buildings for the Future explores the imperative for sustainable design practices in the construction industry. With global environmental challenges becoming increasingly urgent, the need for buildings that are not just energy-efficient but also self-sustaining is paramount. This report delves into the principles, technologies, and design strategies that can transform traditional buildings into sustainable structures that reduce environmental impact and enhance quality of life. The report begins by highlighting the pressing need for sustainable architecture, emphasizing the role of buildings in contributing to carbon emissions, resource depletion, and environmental degradation. It then outlines key principles of sustainable architecture, including energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and the use of environmentally friendly materials. A major focus of the report is on innovative technologies and design strategies that can be employed to create self-sustaining buildings. These include passive design strategies such as orientation, shading, and natural ventilation, as well as active technologies like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and green roofs. Case studies of successful sustainable buildings from around the world illustrate the practical application of these principles and technologies. Finally, the report discusses the challenges and barriers to implementing sustainable architecture, such as cost considerations, lack of awareness, and regulatory hurdles. It concludes with a call to action for stakeholders in the construction industry to embrace sustainable practices and work towards creating a built environment that is not just sustainable but regenerative, contributing positively to the planet and its inhabitants. "Sustainable Architecture: Envisioning Self-Sustaining Buildings for the Future" provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, technologies, and design strategies that can drive the transition towards a more sustainable built environment. It serves as a valuable resource for architects, designers, policymakers, and anyone interested in creating a more sustainable future.

Keywords:  Sustainability, Building, Future, Architecture.