Hassan ibn Thabit: An Original Arabic Tongue (2)



Arabic poetry, Arabic tongue, classical language, Islamic poetry, poet of the Prophet


As it is suggested and recommended in the first part of a previous paper that carries the same title, this paper is a continuous effort not to claim to be wide-ranging in mastering a poetic piece as one sort of expressive manuscript in Arabic but an impartial effort through analytical assessment of a poem. The study is limited to a few selected verses of Hassan ibn Thabit poem named ‘Al Alef rhymed (????? ?????).’ It is a representative of the Arabic tongue and its magnificence. It is a piece of poetry that cannot be examined and scrutinized in a short paper like this.
The study focuses, with analysis, on six verse lines – 17/22 – of Hassan ibn Thabit's poem mentioned above. It employs an analytical and critical method, makes an effort to illustrate the inspiration of Arabic poetry as a means of the tongue and its grandeur and glory. The study initiates with an introduction raising the importance of Arabic classical poetic tongue. Then it goes go forward to give a picture of Hassan ibn Thabit as a man and a poet. The researcher, then, shifts to the foremost segment of the study, attempting to bring an interpretation to some selected verses of Hassan’s above-mentioned long poem. The paper reaches its conclusion by a concise discussion and recommendatory afterword.

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Yahya Saleh Dahami is an Associate Professor of English Literature Criticism and Language in the English Department, Al Baha University, KSA. Ph. D. in English Literature in Jamia Millia New Delhi in 2004. Board Member of the English Department, Faculty of Science and Arts – Al Mandaq, Al Baha University Head of English Department, Faculty of Science and Arts Board Member of Faculty of Science and Arts – Al Mandaq, Al Baha University Member of Academic Staff, English Department, Faculty of Science and Arts in Al Mandaq Board Member of Future University Dean, Faculty of Languages and Human Sciences – Future University Board Member of Faculty of Sports, (formerly Higher Institute for Sports) Peer Reviewer Curricula and Plans Designer.


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