Towards sustainable urban development: Conceptualizing green infrastructure and its impact on urban planning


  • Abayomi Abraham Adesina Independent Researcher, Ohio, USA
  • Azubuike Chukwudi Okwandu Arkifill Resources Limited, Portharcourt, Rivers State Nigeria
  • Zamathula Queen Sikhakhane Nwokediegwu Independent Researcher, Durban, South Africa



This study explores the integration of green infrastructure (GI) into urban planning as a strategic approach to sustainable development. With the dual challenges of urbanization and climate change, the research aims to assess the multifaceted impact of GI on urban ecosystems, focusing on environmental, social, and economic benefits. Employing a mixed-methods approach, the study combines a comprehensive literature review with case study analysis across diverse urban settings to identify best practices and challenges in GI implementation. Key findings highlight the significant role of GI in enhancing urban biodiversity, improving air and water quality, and mitigating urban heat island effects, thereby contributing to the resilience and sustainability of urban environments. Socially, GI is found to improve public health, foster community cohesion, and enhance the aesthetic value of urban areas. Economically, the presence of GI is associated with increased property values, energy savings, and job creation. Despite these benefits, challenges such as financial constraints, policy gaps, and maintenance issues are identified as barriers to effective GI implementation. The study concludes with strategic recommendations for urban planners, policymakers, and community leaders, emphasizing the need for holistic planning approaches, intersectoral collaboration, community engagement, and policy incentives to promote GI. Future research directions are suggested to address gaps in understanding the long-term impacts of GI, innovative technologies for GI management, and the social equity implications of green space distribution. This research underscores the critical importance of integrating GI into urban planning to achieve sustainable, resilient, and livable cities.

Keywords: Green Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Sustainable Development, Ecosystem.