Product strategy development and financial modeling in AI and Agritech Start-ups


  • Eyitayo Raji Independent Researcher, Chicago, USA
  • Tochukwu Ignatius Ijomah Independent Researcher, Australia
  • Osemeike Gloria Eyieyien FDM, UK



This paper explores the intricate dynamics of product strategy development and financial modeling within the burgeoning fields of AI and agritech start-ups. It begins by delineating the stages of product development—from idea generation and market research to launch and scaling—emphasizing customer-centricity, innovation, and collaborative partnerships as pivotal drivers of success. Financial modeling techniques, ranging from basic revenue and cost structures to advanced scenario analysis and risk mitigation, are examined for their role in guiding strategic decision-making and ensuring financial sustainability. In the AI sector, rapid advancements in machine learning and data analytics are reshaping industries through intelligent automation and predictive insights. Agritech, meanwhile, leverages technology to optimize agricultural processes, enhance productivity, and promote sustainable practices amid global challenges. Both sectors share synergies in integrating AI technologies to innovate product offerings and enhance financial performance, albeit facing distinct challenges such as regulatory compliance and market adoption. Practical examples illustrate how AI and agritech start-ups apply these insights to refine product strategies and financial models, enhancing market competitiveness and scalability. The implications for practice underscore the importance of adapting to market dynamics, leveraging technological innovations, and fostering strategic collaborations to drive growth and innovation.

Keywords:  AI, Agritech, Product Strategy Development, Financial Modeling, Start-Ups