Evaluating the effectiveness of global governance mechanisms in promoting environmental sustainability and international relations


  • Uwaga Monica Adanma Department of Forestry and Environmental Management, Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Nigeria
  • Emmanuel Olurotimi Ogunbiyi University of Sunderland, UK




This study critically evaluates the effectiveness of global governance mechanisms in promoting environmental sustainability and enhancing international relations. Employing a systematic literature review and content analysis, the research scrutinizes peer-reviewed articles, official reports, and policy documents published between 2010 and 2024. The main objectives were to analyze the role of global governance in environmental sustainability, assess its impact on international relations, and propose strategic recommendations for enhancing governance frameworks. The methodology focused on identifying, selecting, and analyzing relevant literature based on predefined inclusion and exclusion criteria, emphasizing the contributions of multilateral environmental agreements, international organizations, public-private partnerships, and the involvement of civil society and non-governmental organizations. Key findings reveal that while global governance mechanisms have significantly contributed to advancing environmental sustainability goals, challenges related to implementation, compliance, stakeholder engagement, and the integration of technological innovations persist. The study concludes that adaptive governance structures responsive to evolving environmental issues and stakeholder needs are crucial. Strategic recommendations include strengthening legal and institutional frameworks, enhancing stakeholder engagement, promoting public-private partnerships, and leveraging technological advancements. Directions for future research emphasize exploring the impact of emerging global challenges and investigating the role of non-traditional actors in shaping environmental policies.

Keywords:  Global Governance, Environmental Sustainability, International Relations, Systematic Literature Review.