Theoretical frameworks for regulatory compliance in Fintech innovation: A comparative analysis of Africa and the United States


  • Ijeoma Scholastica Akpukorji Nicedge Service Limited, Nigeria
  • Godwin Nzeako Independent Researcher, Finland
  • Michael Oladipo Akinsanya Independent Researcher, Frisco, Texas, USA



This review paper conducts a comparative analysis of the theoretical frameworks for regulatory compliance in fintech innovation between Africa and the United States. It explores the regulatory objectives, compliance mechanisms, enforcement strategies, and the role of innovation in shaping the fintech landscape. The study highlights key similarities and differences, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, consumer protection, and the promotion of financial inclusion. It also discusses the implications for policymakers and regulatory bodies, recommending strategies for fostering innovation while ensuring robust compliance. The paper concludes by identifying future research directions, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies and international regulatory cooperation. This analysis underlines the need for dynamic regulatory frameworks that balance innovation with financial stability and consumer protection in the rapidly evolving fintech sector.

Keywords:  Fintech Innovation, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Inclusion, Consumer Protection, Emerging Technologies, International Cooperation.