Security paradigms for IoT in telecom networks: Conceptual challenges and solution pathways


  • Godwin Nzeako Independent Researcher, Finland
  • Chukwuekem David Okeke Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited, Nigeria
  • Michael Oladipo Akinsanya Independent Researcher, Frisco, Texas, USA
  • Oladapo Adeboye Popoola Business Full Spectrum, UK
  • Excel G Chukwurah Governance and Protected Data Organization, Google LLC, USA



The concept paper explores the critical security challenges posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) in telecom networks and proposes solution pathways to address them. As IoT devices proliferate in telecom networks, they introduce new vulnerabilities and security threats that must be mitigated to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of network resources and data. The paper begins by highlighting the unique security challenges posed by IoT devices, including their large attack surface, resource constraints, and diverse communication protocols. These challenges are further exacerbated in telecom networks due to the scale and complexity of the infrastructure. To address these challenges, the paper proposes a multi-faceted approach that combines technical, organizational, and regulatory measures. Technical solutions include the use of secure communication protocols, device authentication mechanisms, and encryption techniques to protect data in transit and at rest. Organizational measures focus on improving security awareness and training among network operators and ensuring the secure development and deployment of IoT devices. Regulatory measures advocate for the implementation of standards and regulations that promote security and privacy in IoT deployments. The paper also discusses the importance of collaboration among stakeholders, including network operators, device manufacturers, and regulatory bodies, to address security challenges effectively. By working together, stakeholders can develop and implement best practices that enhance the security of IoT devices and telecom networks. In conclusion, the concept paper highlights the urgent need for robust security paradigms in IoT deployments within telecom networks. By implementing the proposed solution pathways and fostering collaboration among stakeholders, telecom networks can mitigate security risks and ensure the safe and secure deployment of IoT devices.

Keywords: IoT, Telecom, Networks, Security.



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Godwin Nzeako, Chukwuekem David Okeke, Michael Oladipo Akinsanya, Oladapo Adeboye Popoola, & Excel G Chukwurah. (2024). Security paradigms for IoT in telecom networks: Conceptual challenges and solution pathways. Engineering Science & Technology Journal, 5(5), 1606-1626.