Scalable business models for startups in renewable energy: Strategies for using GIS technology to enhance SME scaling


  • Vincent Ugochukwu Oguanobi OCTO TELEMATICS Spa Roma, Italy
  • Oloruntosin Tolulope Joel Energy Industry Executive, Boston, USA.



The renewable energy sector has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, driven by global efforts to mitigate climate change and transition towards sustainable energy sources. Startups play a crucial role in this transition, often pioneering innovative solutions and technologies. However, for these startups to thrive and contribute significantly to the renewable energy landscape, scalable business models are essential. This abstract explores strategies for leveraging Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to enhance scalability in small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) startups operating in the renewable energy sector. GIS technology offers a powerful framework for analyzing and visualizing spatial data, providing valuable insights into site selection, resource assessment, and infrastructure planning. By integrating GIS into their business models, startups can optimize operations, reduce costs, and accelerate growth. This review discusses various strategies for utilizing GIS technology, including market analysis, site suitability assessment, supply chain optimization, and infrastructure planning. Drawing on case studies and industry examples, this review highlights the effectiveness of GIS in enhancing scalability for renewable energy startups. It also addresses the challenges and limitations associated with GIS implementation, such as technical complexities, data accessibility, and cost considerations. Furthermore, this review discusses emerging trends in GIS technology and their potential impact on the renewable energy sector, offering insights into future opportunities for startups.

In conclusion, this review emphasizes the importance of GIS technology in facilitating scalable business models for renewable energy startups. By harnessing the power of GIS, SMEs can unlock new growth opportunities, drive innovation, and contribute significantly to the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Keywords: Scalable Business Models, Startups, Renewable Energy, GIS Technology, SME Scaling.



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Vincent Ugochukwu Oguanobi, & Oloruntosin Tolulope Joel. (2024). Scalable business models for startups in renewable energy: Strategies for using GIS technology to enhance SME scaling. Engineering Science & Technology Journal, 5(5), 1571-1587.