Enhancing agile product development with scrum methodologies: A detailed exploration of implementation practices and benefits


  • Cynthia Chizoba Ekechi Zustech Ltd, UK
  • Chukwuekem David Okeke Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited, Nigeria
  • Henry Ejiga Adama System/Information Analyst , Greenville Texas, USA




This study conducts a systematic literature review to examine the implementation, challenges, and ongoing evolution of Scrum methodologies within Agile product development frameworks. Aimed at understanding how Scrum can be effectively tailored to meet the needs of diverse organizational contexts, especially in scenarios involving remote and distributed teams, the research also seeks to uncover the trajectory of Agile practices' continuous evolution. Employing a rigorous methodology, the review analyzed peer-reviewed articles and conference papers from key academic databases, including IEEE Xplore, ACM Digital Library, and Scopus, published between 2013 and 2024. The selection was based on relevance to Scrum practices, empirical evidence, and theoretical contributions to the field of Agile development. Key insights from the study underscore the critical role of Scrum in enhancing collaboration, flexibility, and responsiveness in product development processes. Challenges identified include the necessity of overcoming organizational resistance and the importance of customizing Scrum practices to align with specific project and team dynamics. Notably, the research highlights Scrum's adaptability in supporting distributed teams through strategic communication and trust-building measures. Furthermore, the study points to the integration of Scrum with DevOps and its application beyond software development as indicators of its evolutionary potential within Agile methodologies. Finally, the study offers strategic recommendations for organizations adopting Scrum, emphasizing cultural adaptation, continuous training, and practice customization. It also suggests avenues for future research, particularly in exploring Scrum's integration with emerging technologies and broader industry applications, contributing valuable insights into enhancing Agile product development efficacy through Scrum methodologies.

Keywords: Scrum Methodologies, Agile Product Development, Distributed Teams, Continuous Evolution.



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Cynthia Chizoba Ekechi, Chukwuekem David Okeke, & Henry Ejiga Adama. (2024). Enhancing agile product development with scrum methodologies: A detailed exploration of implementation practices and benefits. Engineering Science & Technology Journal, 5(5), 1542-1570. https://doi.org/10.51594/estj.v5i5.1108