• Ogugua Chimezie Obi Independent Researcher, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Onyinyechi Vivian Akagha Independent Researcher, Ireland
  • Samuel Onimisi Dawodu NDIC, Nigeria
  • Anthony Chigozie Anyanwu ` Independent Researcher, San Francisco, USA
  • Shedrack Onwusinkwue Department of Physics, University of Benin, Nigeria
  • Islam Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad ` Independent Researcher, Plano, TX, U.S.A



In the rapidly evolving landscape of cyberspace, the prevalence of sophisticated cyber threats has escalated, posing formidable challenges to individuals, organizations, and nations. This comprehensive review explores the contemporary panorama of cybersecurity, focusing on the latest threats and the advanced defense strategies employed to mitigate them. The analysis encompasses a wide spectrum of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and advanced persistent threats (APTs), shedding light on their evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures. The review delves into the intricate world of cybercrime, emphasizing the motives behind attacks and the diverse range of threat actors involved, from individual hackers to state-sponsored entities. By examining recent case studies and real-world incidents, the review provides valuable insights into the dynamic nature of cyber threats, emphasizing the need for proactive and adaptive cybersecurity measures. Furthermore, the review critically evaluates cutting-edge defense mechanisms and strategies deployed to counteract these threats. It explores advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics, showcasing their pivotal roles in bolstering cybersecurity defenses. Additionally, the review discusses the importance of threat intelligence sharing, collaborative efforts, and international cooperation to fortify the global cyber defense ecosystem. As cybersecurity extends beyond technical measures, the review also addresses the human element, emphasizing the significance of cybersecurity awareness training and the role of employees in fortifying organizational resilience. It scrutinizes regulatory frameworks and compliance standards that play a crucial role in shaping cybersecurity policies and practices. By synthesizing the latest research, industry best practices, and expert insights, this comprehensive review aims to provide a holistic understanding of the current state of cybersecurity, offering practitioners, policymakers, and researchers a valuable resource to navigate the intricate challenges posed by modern cyber threats and to develop effective defense strategies for the digital age.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Threats, Defense Strategy, Cyber Threats, Review.



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Ogugua Chimezie Obi, Onyinyechi Vivian Akagha, Samuel Onimisi Dawodu, `, A. C. A., Shedrack Onwusinkwue, & `, I. A. I. A. (2024). COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW ON CYBERSECURITY: MODERN THREATS AND ADVANCED DEFENSE STRATEGIES. Computer Science & IT Research Journal, 5(2), 293-310.