• Islam Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Independent Researcher, Plano, TX, U.S.A
  • Anthony Chigozie Anyanwu Independent Researcher, San Francisco, USA
  • Shedrack Onwusinkwue Department of Physics, University of Benin, Nigeria
  • Samuel Onimisi Dawodu NDIC, Nigeria
  • Onyinyechi Vivian Akagha Independent Researcher, Ireland
  • Emuesiri Ejairu Independent Researcher, Indiana, U.S.A



The rapid urbanization and digital transformation of cities across Africa have given rise to the concept of Smart Cities, where advanced technologies are integrated to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and the overall quality of urban life. However, this paradigm shift towards interconnected and technology-driven urban environments brings forth a host of cybersecurity challenges that demand careful consideration. This paper explores the cybersecurity challenges in Smart Cities, focusing on a case review of African metropolises. African cities, emblematic of the global urbanization trend, are embracing Smart City initiatives to address urban challenges and foster economic development. While these initiatives promise improved services and enhanced connectivity, they concurrently expose cities to a myriad of cybersecurity threats. The interconnectedness of devices and systems in Smart Cities creates a vast attack surface, making them susceptible to cyber-attacks ranging from data breaches to infrastructure disruptions. This case review delves into specific instances of cybersecurity challenges faced by African metropolises in their quest for technological advancement. It analyzes the vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, such as energy grids, transportation systems, and healthcare networks, highlighting the potential risks associated with inadequate cybersecurity measures. Moreover, the paper sheds light on the socio-economic implications of cyber threats in Smart Cities, emphasizing the importance of resilient cybersecurity frameworks in safeguarding citizen data and urban functionality. In conclusion, the paper underscores the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity strategies tailored to the unique challenges faced by Smart Cities in Africa. The findings aim to contribute to a better understanding of the intricate relationship between urbanization, technology, and cybersecurity, offering insights that can inform policy decisions, technological implementations, and collaborative efforts to build secure and resilient Smart Cities in the African context.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Smart Cities, Africa, Metropolis, Review.



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Islam Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad, Anthony Chigozie Anyanwu, Shedrack Onwusinkwue, Samuel Onimisi Dawodu, Onyinyechi Vivian Akagha, & Emuesiri Ejairu. (2024). CYBERSECURITY CHALLENGES IN SMART CITIES: A CASE REVIEW OF AFRICAN METROPOLISES. Computer Science & IT Research Journal, 5(2), 254-269.