Innovation green technology in the age of cybersecurity: Balancing sustainability goals with security concerns


  • Excel G Chukwurah Governance and Protected Data Organization, Google LLC, USA
  • Chukwuekem David Okeke Tranter IT Infrastructure Services Limited, Nigeria
  • Cynthia Chizoba Ekechi Zustech Ltd, UK



This study explores the critical intersection of cybersecurity measures and green technologies, aiming to assess their combined impact on sustainability goals and stakeholder implications. Employing a systematic literature review methodology, the research scrutinizes peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and reports from reputable databases, focusing on publications from the year 2010 to 2024. The review identifies key themes, including the integration challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity within sustainable technologies, the evolving landscape of cybersecurity protocols, and the strategic implications for industry leaders, policymakers, and technologists. Key insights reveal the dual imperative of pursuing sustainability alongside security, highlighting the necessity of integrating robust cybersecurity measures without compromising the environmental benefits of green technologies. The study identifies significant challenges at this nexus, such as the rapid evolution of cyber threats and the complexity of embedding cybersecurity in green innovations. It also outlines opportunities for innovation and the development of a security-aware culture that supports environmental sustainability. Strategic recommendations are provided for stakeholders to navigate these complexities, emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinary approaches, continuous learning, and the development of policies that encourage the adoption of secure and sustainable technologies. The study concludes that fostering innovation in green technology requires a concerted effort to integrate cybersecurity measures effectively, underscoring the need for future research to expand the knowledge frontiers in this critical area. This research contributes to the ongoing dialogue on achieving environmental sustainability and technological resilience, offering a foundation for further exploration and action towards these dual objectives.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Green Technologies, Sustainable Technological, Stakeholder Security Concerns.                                                               



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Excel G Chukwurah, Chukwuekem David Okeke, & Cynthia Chizoba Ekechi. (2024). Innovation green technology in the age of cybersecurity: Balancing sustainability goals with security concerns. Computer Science & IT Research Journal, 5(5), 1048-1075.